07 Dec 2017

FILM REVIEW: BLOODLANDS (A Night Of Horror Film Festival)

BLOODLANDS is a harsh and desolate film; much like the area in which it takes place. Playing as a part of A Night Of Horror Film Festival, it manages to blend drama and horror over the backdrop of a troubled and isolated part of the world. BLOODLANDS is an Albanian/Australian

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06 Dec 2017

FILM REVIEW: THE MARSHES (A Night Of Horror Film Festival)

A Night Of Horror Film Fest in Sydney Australia just wrapped this past weekend. The fest brought with it some strong entries, in this its 11th year. As is the case with most genre fests, programming is usually a mixed bag of the good, bad, ugly, and everything in between.

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05 Dec 2017

Film Review: HOSTILE (A Night Of Horror Film Festival)

HOSTILE (Directed by Cannes born Mathieu Turi) played in Sydney recently as a part of the A NIGHT OF HORROR FILM FESTIVAL.  Being able to attend even just a few days of the fest made me envious of those that get to experience all of the horror festivals that happen

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30 Nov 2017


Horror anthologies are seldom made any more.  Well, seldom made WELL, I should say.  Remember CREEPSHOW? BODY BAGS? Even TWILIGHT ZONE THE MOVIE was a fun ride through some insanity of the subconscious.  And not since TRICK ‘R TREAT (2009) have I enjoyed a montage of nastiness. VOLUMES OF BLOOD:

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29 Nov 2017


I LOVE THIS MOVIE. Normally, I start reviews with a bit of a lead up but goddamn it I am just too stoked on this film and I had to get that out of my system.   I hope that this review will make you want to see it so you

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23 Nov 2017

Short Film Review: LEVEL

LEVEL is a 2017 short film written and directed by Andrew Hunt. After appearing as an official selection at nine film festivals earlier this year, along with winning an award, the film has now been released online. LEVEL begins with a relatively simple premise: a man find himself trapped in

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22 Nov 2017


There’s just no easy way to say it, THE SCOPIA EFFECT is not a good film. That being said, the film shows signs of craft and an emerging talent that may have just tried too hard to swing for the fences. My honest opinion is that the high concept elements

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16 Nov 2017

Film Review: THE BLACK CAT

Full disclosure, I was going to pass on reviewing this short film for FEAR FOREVER. Strictly on the basis that it is a little out of our wheelhouse. It’s not horror, genre, sci-fi or action. Do you know what it is? It’s a beautifully done spooky little tale that is

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15 Nov 2017


Last night my boyfriend was talking about his fears of going to Tampa for Thanksgiving as there is an active and elusive serial killer on the loose. The most recent victim was killed today. They have no leads and no suspects, just some grainy security camera footage. Now, imagine that

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14 Nov 2017


Have you checked out Stephen King’s THE STAND? Just omit the “Devil” Randall Flagg, “Angel” Mother Abigail Freemantle, the massive journey to salvation and all the supernatural effects. Set it in the frigid mountains of the UK, and you have MOUNTAIN FEVER. Ok – just imagine some desperate survivors of

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