01 Mar 2020


The staff over at FEARFOREVER doesn’t only watch horror films. True, we prefer horror to other genres, but we like all types of different movies. Such is the case with our latest review for BLOOD ON HER NAME. We missed our chance to see this one during our coverage of

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13 Jul 2017

Video Series: Fear Forever presents 66 Horror Flix – Goke

This weeks installment of 66 Horror Flix focuses on the Hajime Satô directed film GOKE, BODY SNATCHER FROM HELL. This beloved film is the story of a plane crash in a remote area. If that wasn’t bad enough, the survivors now face an attack from aliens that transform into blood

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30 Jun 2017


FEAR FOREVER is proud to present the new ongoing series 66 HORROR FLIX.   This weekly online series features award-winning writer, director and horror film buff Jim Towns. Towns brings a dynamic filmmaker’s analysis to 66 of his favorite under-appreciated horror classics. Upcoming episodes will feature cult classics such as SPIDER

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29 Jun 2017

Johnny Gruesome- First Trailer Is Here!

JOHNNY GRUESOME is the latest feature film from horror writer/director Gregory Lamberson.  Lamberson is best known for cult classics such as SLIME CITY, SLIME CITY MASSACRE and 2015’s killer musical-comedy KILLER RACK.  Now, 33 years after he wrote the screenplay, and 10 years after he wrote the novel,  JOHNNY GRUESOME

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08 Jun 2017

Pennywise – The Story of It Release

Last June I had the pleasure of being invited to the set of Andy and Barbara Muschiettis (MAMA) upcoming 2-part adaptation of Stephen Kings IT. The film stars Finn Wolfhard (STRANGER THINGS), Nicolas Hamilton (CAPTAIN FANTASTIC and the upcoming adaptation of Stephen Kings THE DARK TOWER), Jaeden Lieberher (MIDNIGHT SPECIAL),

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