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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holidays. No matter what religious sect you follow we are all stuck on this stress filled, alcohol and familial rage fueled festive downward spiral together.  Lucky for us, UGLY SWEATER PARTY (USP) has arrived just in time to save or send off whatever remains of your sanity.

USP is really delightfully fucking dumb. I think it may be one of my favorite movies of the year. It speaks to me in the most base of levels. Did Aaron Mento bug my apartment and tailor make me a bespoke, fantasy, holiday horror-comedy to watch after dining on(legal, of course) edibles? Did Aaron Mento make me a new “go to” horror-comedy film that isn’t TERROR FIRMER? Did I just become the president of the UGLY SWEATER PARTY  fan club? The answer to all of these questions is does anyone actually own a copy of  CHRISTMAS SHOES and does that song make everyone else really uneasy? Okay that answers nothing but hey, its Christmas! My fave Christmas horror has always been Astron-6’s BREAKING SANTA. USP is very close to taking the throne. In fact, USP had some elements that reminded me of BREAKING SANTA. USP is as if  TROMA, ASTRON-6, DUDE, WHERE’S MY CAR? and THE PACKAGE all got drunk on Christmas cheer together. That’s my kinda party!

In UGLY SWEATER PARTY, a murderous demon possesses an ugly sweater that dip shit roommates Cliff (Charles Chudabala) and Jody ( Hunter Johnson) find and take while on their way to an ugly sweater party at a cabin in the woods hosted by their twin girlfriends Samantha and Susan.

Right from the start there are some nods to one of the film’s stars  Felissa Rose (by way of a tattoo on Jody’s foot) who plays “Miss Mandix” which is another nod to her truly iconic role as Angela Baker and 1983’s SLEEPAWAY CAMP.  It will surprise absolutely nobody that Rose is fantastic in this role. She has great comedic timing and I just had a great time watching her. She looks like she is having a blast and in turn it makes the viewer enjoy the ride even more.
She isn’t the only one though. Everyone looks like they are having such a great time being part of this film.  That always makes me feel warm and fuzzy.  It’s so lovely to see people having fun doing what they love.  That is one of the things I have always liked about bizarro, shlocky and campy horror.

Horror-comedy is always a risky endeavor. For both the creator and the viewer.  The comedic timing must be flawless and the gags gotta land.  I cannot count how many horror-comedies I have seen that just miss the mark and it’s always such a bummer. USP had me cracking up all the way through. The key to comedy is to make is seem really easy and natural. USP is a perfect example of that.  From a writing perspective I know how difficult it is to achieve that and have a huge respect for the folks that created this.

If you like your holiday horror gross, silly and fun then its a good thing it’s (ugly) sweater weather!

UGLY SWEATER PARTY is available exclusively on Amazon Instant Video.

” All I wanted for Christmas is a gonzo, gross-out, satanic, toilet humor filled,  low brow Christmas horror that is best viewed while seriously stoned, that made me laugh till I cried and left me dumber for having seen it – and I got exactly that.”

4 1/2 Tombstones out of 5…


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Amy Seidman is a Toronto based costumer for film/television and writer for Thrillist, Rue-Morgue, Shock Till You Drop and FANGORIA magazine. She has a tattoo tribute to Castor Troy from Face/Off. She is proud of all her life decisions.

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