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From writer/director Jeremy Wechter comes his feature film debut, THE ViRAL DEMON. This collision of technology and human reliance reveals the story of a supernatural horror experienced in real time.
THE ViRAL DEMON can draw some obvious comparisons to films such as UNFRIENDED (a personal fave) and 2016’s FRIEND REQUEST.  FEAR FOREVER had the chance to chat with Wechter about the film and what makes it such a unique take on the man vs. machine trope.
FEAR FOREVER: What sets this film apart from films like UNFRIENDED or FRIEND REQUEST?
Jeremy Wechter: THE ViRAL DEMON explores a very different kind of story than UNFRIENDED.  During UNFRIENDED the viewer is encouraged to enjoy the process as each character is knocked off one by one.  In THE ViRAL DEMON, the viewer is invited to empathize with the characters as they desperately try to figure out how to get out of the worsening situation.  There is a mystery component to THE ViRAL DEMON as the characters and the audience try to figure out who can be trusted and who has become possessed.
Our complex antagonist is rooted in history and has an agenda for the future for potential sequels. In addition, THE VIRAL DEMON has a larger scope than UNFRIENDED, that includes a much larger cast, more locations, plus bike rides, car rides, car crashes, and simple fight sequences.
While THE VIRAL DEMON centers on an intimate group of friends, there’s a sense that this is just the beginning of the problem as it spreads to affect larger segments of society.
FF: What can horror fans expect from THE ViRAL DEMON in regards to special effects?
Can viewers expect it to be a film that doesn’t hold back?
JW: THE ViRAL DEMON is not an overly gory movie, although there is a pretty large body count by the end of the movie.  Some of the gore is implicit and some of it is onscreen with practical special effects. THE ViRAL DEMON is designed to have a creepy sense of impending doom with some extremely uncomfortable and disturbing events peppered in.
  THE ViRAL DEMON will be available on VOD in April 2018.
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