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GEORGE A. ROMERO 1940-2017

Yesterday the film world lost a leader with the announcement of the death of George A. Romero.

Romero is credited as being the father of the zombie genre with films like NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968), DAWN OF THE DEAD (1978), DAY OF THE DEAD (1985) and LAND OF THE DEAD (2005)- just a few of his works that have influenced filmmakers and fans alike for generations. Filmmakers like Edgar Wright (BABY DRIVER, SHAUN OF THE DEAD) paid tribute to the film titan with statements online.

From his website,  Wright wrote a beautiful and moving tribute to the filmmaker that he credits with having a strong influence on him.

“It’s fair to say that without George A. Romero, I would not have the career I have now. A lot of people owe George a huge debt of gratitude for the inspiration. I am just one of many. ”

Wright goes on to speak about how the stills and posters from the films were something close to obsession for him.

“I had been infatuated about George’s work before I saw it, scouring through horror and fantasy magazine for stills, posters and articles way before I was old enough to see his movies.”

From Twitter, Eli Roth (HOSTEL, CABIN FEVER) spoke of Romeros fearlessness for taking risks in film, as well as crediting him for being a leader when it comes to race in film.

“Very few others in cinema were taking such risks. He was both ahead of his time and exactly what cinema needed at that time.You can trace a direct line from NOTLD to Get Out. And…Romero created the modern zombie. The infectious bite. Shoot the head. Everything.”

George Romero died in Toronto, Canada on July 16th while listening to the score of one of his favorite films, THE QUIET MAN, with his wife, Suzanne Desrocher Romero, and daughter, Tina Romero, at his side.

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