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Podcast Review: Red Ice

The latest podcast from comedy troupe NEXT DAY THEATER is sure to interest horror and comedy fans alike. RED ICE is BACKCOUNTRY meets BLOOD GLACIER by way of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE: A hilarious B-movie creature feature in audio form. This easy to digest two-parter is a wild tale full of polar bears, climate change deniers and exploding meth labs.

RED ICE is the latest episode in NEXT DAY THEATER’s anthology series PARABASIS. Unless you are a theater nerd, you might not know the term. The anthology gets its name from Classical Greek comedy plays- a time for the actors to break the 4th wall to discuss something political.

A ‘found footage’ audiotape reveals the story of Amara (Jennifer Yadav) and Kevin (Julian Kingston), two journalists investigating an oil company surveying in a national wildlife refuge in ANWR, Alaska. Everything appears to be environmentally and socially progressive, but perhaps it is all too good to be true. Nature is not fooled, however, and it wants revenge.

While being a wholly entertaining thriller, RED ICE’s political message is relevant. The podcast addresses many topics, including Native Land Rights and corporate greed. Its loudest message, however, is one of climate change action and environmental responsibility. There is no doubt about it; RED ICE is telling us to put our hands up and back away slowly from our oil drills or feel the wrath of the greenhouse effect. Natures revenge the human race is a particularly satisfying brand of creature feature; RED ICE knows how to make the most of the Eco Horror sub-genre.

NEXT DAY THEATER is no stranger to using comedy to comment on societal issues. RED ICE’s sardonic humor begins as soon as the first words of dialog convey the irony of an “environmentally friendly ” oil company, giving the audience a wry kind of enjoyment. With instantly quotable lines such as “How many [polar bear] dens did we run over last week?” and “He’s a meth zombie!”, RED ICE shows it also has skills in not so subtle comedy. RED ICE also gives us plenty of opportunities to poke fun at those who can’t see the rising sea levels for the melting ice caps.

NEXT DAY THEATER has well earned its self-descriptor as a comedy podcast. Writer, director, producer Matt Spangler brings us sharply written way to get a quick laugh in on a morning commute or at the gym. RED ICE’s tight story leaves no room for the joke to get stale.

The podcast’s foolproof blend of comedy is thanks in part to its delivery. RED ICE has a talented cast of voice actors who bring out the best in its satirical characters. A stand out mention should go to Becca Barrett, who bought to life a memorable Villain as the bumbling, climate change denying redneck Michelle.
RED ICE is technically excellent, with sound design that paints a wholly believable picture in your mind. It will make you shiver and pull your jacket a little closer to you as you listen.

If you are new to the world of audio drama podcasts, then RED ICE is a great way to get you hooked. For those well acquainted with the medium, NEXT DAY THEATER warrants a subscription. RED ICE, along with other episodes of PARABASIS, is available to listen to through NEXT DAY THEATER’s website and on most audio platforms.

“RED ICE’s tight story leaves no room for the joke to get stale. “

4 Tombstones out of 5…

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