19 Jan 2020

Podcast Review: Red Ice

The latest podcast from comedy troupe NEXT DAY THEATER is sure to interest horror and comedy fans alike. RED ICE is BACKCOUNTRY meets BLOOD GLACIER by way of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE: A hilarious B-movie creature feature in audio form. This easy to digest two-parter is a wild tale full of

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09 Apr 2019


Legend has it that the 1938 Halloween radio broadcast of Orson Welles‘ THE WAR OF THE WORLDS caused widespread panic, with people genuinely believing and fearing that the world was being invaded by aliens. While inciting mass terror is not necessarily the desired outcome, one could argue that the very

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11 Mar 2018


The popular radio dramas of days past have seen a resurgence in popularity in modern day podcast form. One such podcast is the sci-fi horror-drama THE WHITE VAULT. FEAR FOREVER  spoke with this eerie and unsettling shows creator Kaitlin Statz prior to their live show in New York City on

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