21 Mar 2022

Film Review: X

For those left questioning why we exist after Netflix subjected us to the abomination that was the latest Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot, worry not. A film has been released to cure you of any disenchantment towards Texas-based slashers. X, Ti West‘s latest film is a refreshing and innovative tribute to

Erin Grant 0
26 Jan 2021


2021 is here! We’ve still got a long way to go, but hopefully some semblance of normalcy is in sight. I’m hopeful, at the very least, that we’re going to start to see some of 2020’s delayed feature films see the light of day. One of the films I was

Andy Breslow 0
20 Nov 2018


Admittedly, possession films aren’t really my thing. They tend to be VERY similar to one another and unless there’s something new to the story, you’re pretty much not going to top THE EXORCIST in my opinion. Personally, I’m more of a blood & gore connoisseur. Now that we’ve gotten that

Andy Breslow 0