24 Dec 2017

Top 5 Terrors of 2017 – ERIN GRANT

Sitting down to write out my Top 5 of 2017 made me reflect and appreciate just how many awesome horror films were released this year. Yes, there were big wins for the genre at the box office – for example IT, GET OUT and HAPPY DEATH DAY .  There were

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23 Nov 2017

Short Film Review: LEVEL

LEVEL is a 2017 short film written and directed by Andrew Hunt. After appearing as an official selection at nine film festivals earlier this year, along with winning an award, the film has now been released online. LEVEL begins with a relatively simple premise: a man find himself trapped in

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20 Oct 2017


HAPPY DEATH DAY is a film that on a quick glance of the trailer could be written off as just another one of the countless whodunit slashers that employs your standard package of the straight-from-central-casting crew of beautiful, white, sun-kissed, cult-like/abusive levels of narcissist personality disorder that are gift-wrapped nicely

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