17 Aug 2020


We are in day 7767356587758745758687368 of the COVID 19 pandemic and like everyone else, I have watched a lot of content. Films, television series, web series, you name it – I have probably watched it. Unfortunately for me I am finding that all of this binge watching has made it

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21 Aug 2019


Independent science fiction has consistently provided us with food for thought by scaling back and stripping down stories to put the focus on the future and the ramifications it will have on us as people. The desired effect is to appeal to our humanity.  However, trying to find that “perfect”

Erin Grant 1
04 Jul 2018

Short Film Review: NEON

As someone who mostly consumes horror and a touch of sci-fi, I wouldn’t be caught dead watching a romance film. so imagine my astonishment when I was duped into watching a Romeo and Juliet type movie about forbidden love. The love story in question was under the guise of the

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