14 May 2024

Film Review: Mars Express (Fantastic Film Festival Australia)

Another excellent run for one of Fear Forever’s favourite film festivals. FANTASTIC FILM FESTIVAL AUSTRALIA 2024 brought the latest genre films to Sydney and Melbourne. Festival goers witnessed its exciting and diverse programming, from gorey exploitation horror to high-concept Science Fiction; MARS EXPRESS absolutely defines the latter. Director-writer Jérémie Périn‘s

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21 Nov 2021

Sydney Science Fiction Film Festival: The Blazing World and Wyrmwood: Apocalypse

In its second year running, Sydney Science fiction Film Festival recently finished up its four-day cinema run. For Australians, access to the festival’s films is not over; the festival is continuing virtually on-demand until the 25th of November. As the year draws to a close and I get ready to

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05 Nov 2020


Whoever said horror films can’t be smart, obviously hasn’t seen Brandon Cronenbergs’ latest film POSSESSOR UNCUT. I was lucky enough to catch this artistic bloodfest as a part of Telluride Horror Show’s closing night. Telluride always brings the heat on the final day of the fest, and the 2020 Shelter-In-Place

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21 Oct 2020

Interview: Brandon Cronenberg

With a name like Cronenberg, the eyes of film fans would most assuredly be on you with keen anticipation. But (and not to be blasphemous) let’s forget about David for a minute. Despite constant questions about and comparisons to his father, Brandon Cronenberg continues to prove his talent as a

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19 Aug 2020


Thankfully our prayers have been answered and the Fantasia International Film Festival 2020 is going ahead! This year Fantasia is happening in cyberspace, screening virtually to Canadian audiences. The excitement of the festival is not so lost, as many films are showing as they would usually in Montreal. Though we

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12 Jul 2020


VOLITION is a Canadian sci-fi thriller which explores themes of fate and free will. It enmeshes the concepts of clairvoyance and time travel in a way that seems so obviously perfect, yet it is one of the only films to do so. The film is directed by Tony Dean Smith

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19 Apr 2020


What’s in a name? That’s the first thing I asked myself when I received my screener copy for Epic Pictures BUTT BOY. An unusual name indeed. What would follow would be an even more unusual experience making an effort  to live up to that name. In the spirit of full

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10 Apr 2020


The whole world is living in an indefinite quarantine, locked down in their homes. Collectively, we are all wondering, “when can we go back to a normal life?”. What a felicitous time to watch a film about a couple trapped in a tranquil yet horrific suburbia setting. VIVARIUM is a

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25 Dec 2019

Film Review: Automation

What better way to celebrate the holiday season than with a Christmas themed horror movie. Just in time is the film AUTOMATION, which technically still counts as a holiday horror even if it’s main focus is the dark side of technology. It’s no TREEVENGE (a personal favorite), but this office

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13 Oct 2019


With the unprecedented success of films such as MIDSOMMAR and HEREDITARY, it’s fair to say that cults have played a major role in some of horrors more recent greatest hits. On first glance, Tate Bunker’s new film THE FIELD could be misrepresented as jumping on that taboo bandwagon. In actuality,

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