13 Apr 2024

Visitors- Complete Edition (FANTASPOA 2024)

Evil Dead by way of Animal Crossing! My first month at FF, and I’ve already had the pleasure of engaging with two international festivals. This time, it’s Brazil’s FANTASPOA (now in its 20th year)—the largest genre film festival in Latin America. 2024 has a huge program under its belt, with

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11 Jan 2024

Film Review: Destroy All Neighbours

SHUDDER kicks off 2024 with comedy-horror DESTROY ALL NEIGHBOURS: one man’s blood splattered and viscera filled journey to realising he’s been kind of an asshole lately. This Shudder Original, directed by Josh Forbes, is goofy, but at times it’s kind of genius. It premieres on January 12. William Brown (Jonah

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02 Aug 2017


KODOKU MEATBALL MACHINE ( also known as POISON MEATBALL MACHINE) is directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura (TOKYO GORE POLICE) and is a follow-up of sorts to the 2005 film MEATBALL MACHINE. Its no coincidence that Nishimura went on to direct KODOKU MEATBALL MACHINE as he also served as special effects and

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