13 Jun 2018


Yesterday we gave you part 1 of our 2 part interview with filmmaker SKYE BORGMAN.Skye’s film ABDUCTED IN PLAIN SIGHT recently screened at the TORONTO TRUE CRIME FILM FESTIVAL. The film is so bonkers that it’s hard to believe it is a true crime story. When we were given the

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20 Mar 2018


*THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS* LIVING SPACE is a 2018 Australian independent film, which had its world premiere in Sydney recently as part of  the MONSTER FEST TRAVELING SIDESHOW. An impressive breakout film for director Steven Spiel, LIVING SPACE pays homage to modern horror film tropes while still pulling off something

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14 Feb 2018

Australian Horror shorts- Final Girls Berlin Film Festival

The Final Girls Berlin Film Festival is creating a space for females in the horror genre; celebrating their contributions in a way that feels genuinely for women by women. February is ‘Women in Horror Month’ and I have to say I’m feeling the camaraderie this year. Because I am personally

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06 Dec 2017

FILM REVIEW: THE MARSHES (A Night Of Horror Film Festival)

A Night Of Horror Film Fest in Sydney Australia just wrapped this past weekend. The fest brought with it some strong entries, in this its 11th year. As is the case with most genre fests, programming is usually a mixed bag of the good, bad, ugly, and everything in between.

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