Pennywise – The Story of It Release

Last June I had the pleasure of being invited to the set of Andy and Barbara Muschiettis (MAMA) upcoming 2-part adaptation of Stephen Kings IT. The film stars Finn Wolfhard (STRANGER THINGS), Nicolas Hamilton (CAPTAIN FANTASTIC and the upcoming adaptation of Stephen Kings THE DARK TOWER), Jaeden Lieberher (MIDNIGHT SPECIAL), and Bill Skarsgard (HEMLOCK GROVE) as the iconic killer clown Pennywise. Anticipation for the film reached a fever pitch when the first trailer was released and hit a record breaking 197 million views globally within 24 hours.

While we wait with baited breathe for the film to hit theatres September 8th 2017, a documentary is in the works that examines the 1990 TV miniseries and Tim Currys portrayal of Pennywise the clown.

Directed by Christopher Griffiths and written by John Campopiano, PENNYWISE: THE STORY OF IT, will feature over 40 interviews with the cast and crew (including Tim Curry!) and will examine the impact of the story and its lore on today’s society. It will also feature never-before-seen behind the scenes footage and exclusive photos.

An Indiegogo campaign for the film can be found here and runs till June 20th check out the campaign video below!



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