21 Mar 2022

Film Review: X

For those left questioning why we exist after Netflix subjected us to the abomination that was the latest Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot, worry not. A film has been released to cure you of any disenchantment towards Texas-based slashers. X, Ti West‘s latest film is a refreshing and innovative tribute to

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21 Nov 2021

Sydney Science Fiction Film Festival: The Blazing World and Wyrmwood: Apocalypse

In its second year running, Sydney Science fiction Film Festival recently finished up its four-day cinema run. For Australians, access to the festival’s films is not over; the festival is continuing virtually on-demand until the 25th of November. As the year draws to a close and I get ready to

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23 May 2021


I asked myself a question the other day: will deer skulls ever not be absolutely terrifying? My answer is still, “no, get those things away from me.” They are creepy as hell, as Jordan Graham‘s folk horror film SATOR substantiates. The film is a backwoods nightmare wherein the forest and

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18 Mar 2021


Canadian Anthony Scott Burns‘ latest film COME TRUE is a hallucinatory Sci-fi horror exploring one of man’s final frontiers- the unknown corners of REM sleep. The film is out now on VOD but is also in cinemas in the U.S and if any indie horror is made for the big

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06 Mar 2021


When AFTER MIDNIGHT ends, you cannot help but start a conversation about it. The movie is an automatic spark that entices anyone to chat about its hidden point, and the clear intention of the very weird plot it carries to the end. I guarantee you that conversation will not end

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