20 Jul 2018


It’s that time of year again, when genre fans from around the globe flock to Montreal for one of the largest genre film festivals in the entire world. That’s right boys and ghouls; it’s the 2018 Fantasia Film Fest! As always, this festival aims to showcase the best our favorite

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04 Jul 2018

Short Film Review: NEON

As someone who mostly consumes horror and a touch of sci-fi, I wouldn’t be caught dead watching a romance film. so imagine my astonishment when I was duped into watching a Romeo and Juliet type movie about forbidden love. The love story in question was under the guise of the

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23 Jun 2018

Film Review: HEARTLESS

Edgar Allen Poe’s 1843 short story The Tell-Tale Heart is the classic story of a killer driven mad with paranoia and guilt after committing a murder- hearing the victim’s heartbeat constantly after the fact. As one of America’s first writers of horror and mystery fiction Poe’s work is an obvious

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15 Jun 2018


I have been thinking a lot about family lately.  It’s possible that the recent death of my grandmother at 101 years old is a major factor in that.  The topic of family being so prevalent in my mind has also made me take stock of the fact that the majority

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14 Jun 2018

Film Review: CHIMERA

Things never go right when humans play God.  Horror has taught us this ever since Dr. Frankenstein created his monster. This horror trope is explored in a new and interesting way in Maurice Haeems sci-fi horror CHIMERA. Featuring a refreshingly diverse cast, this film definitely stands out and is extremely

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