10 Aug 2017

Video Series: Fear Forever presents 66 Horror Flix – THE ABOMINABLE DR.PHIBES

Today on 66 HORROR FLIX we celebrate one of our host Jim Towns all-time favorite films, THE ABOMINABLE DR.PHIBES. This 1971 film stars Vincent Price as Dr. Phibes, a man rushing to get to his wife in the hospital who is mid-surgery and near death. On route to her,  he falls

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03 Jul 2017

COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN : The Failure to Connect in Jeannot Scwarz’s BUG (1975)

Enigmatic film producer William Castle, the master of cinematic showmanship who employed gimmicks to the screenings of his movies primarily throughout the fifties and sixties, took hold of writer Thomas Page’s book “THE HEPHAESTUS PLAGUE” and turned it into an elegant and good looking film entitled BUG. This would become

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