15 Jul 2024


SpectreVision, the award-winning production company headed up by Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah, and Lawrence Inglee, continues to expand their scope by launching SPECTREVISION RADIO, a new podcast network. Film fans and podcast fans – to be fair, these cross over. SpectreVision Radio is a new podcast network featuring brand new

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04 Jul 2024

Film Review: Family Portrait

Written and directed by Lucy Kerr, her film debut FAMILY PORTRAIT, is clearly personal but also somewhat universal. The film was ingeniously acquired by distribution company Factory 25 and has started screening in the US (details below). For a debut feature, Kerr has given us realism with the rug pulled

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14 May 2024

Film Review: Mars Express (Fantastic Film Festival Australia)

Another excellent run for one of Fear Forever’s favourite film festivals. FANTASTIC FILM FESTIVAL AUSTRALIA 2024 brought the latest genre films to Sydney and Melbourne. Festival goers witnessed its exciting and diverse programming, from gorey exploitation horror to high-concept Science Fiction; MARS EXPRESS absolutely defines the latter. Director-writer Jérémie Périn‘s

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27 Apr 2024


A darkly comedic “Taken” through the eyes of Fincher & Lynch. FANTASTPOA Film Festival 2024, Brazil screened the world premiere of Listen Carefully, the fourth writer-director moment from multi-hyphenate filmmaker Ryan Barton-Grimley (AKA RGB) is a hostage-heist indie for the new generation. Abstract is the perfect way to describe this

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20 Apr 2024

Film Review: The Complex Forms (Fantaspoa 2024)

As FANTASPOA Film Festival 2024 continues, its screenings stay true to its name. Most recently, a suspenseful fantasy from Italy, written and directed by Fabio D’Orta. THE COMPLEX FORMS is indeed complex, or, more aptly, intriguing, fascinating, strange and intricate.  Honestly, I was captivated from beginning to end. When we

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15 Apr 2024

Hunting For The Hag (Unnamed Footage Festival)

From director Paul A. Brooks, co-written with producer Sierra Renfro, comes HUNTING FOR THE HAG, a hybrid-footage road trip of cryptid hunting and home invasion. While leaving me with mixed feelings, it will always come to mind when I hear the phrase ‘Found Footage horror movie.’ So it is no

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13 Apr 2024

Visitors- Complete Edition (FANTASPOA 2024)

Evil Dead by way of Animal Crossing! My first month at FF, and I’ve already had the pleasure of engaging with two international festivals. This time, it’s Brazil’s FANTASPOA (now in its 20th year)—the largest genre film festival in Latin America. 2024 has a huge program under its belt, with

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07 Apr 2024


Do cats always land on their feet? NIAS proves this adage true. Once I heard the ingenious concept of NIAS, I didn’t have to think twice to know I needed to see this. Found Footage is one of my all-time favourite sub-genres, and even when it’s not exactly my cup

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01 Apr 2024


This film boldly walks home alone at night with clenched keys in one fist and pepper spray in the other. The Sophomore film from Kansas Bowling (ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD) is a shockumentary for the ages. More important than any syllabus film that screened when I was in

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30 Mar 2024

Review: DO NOT WATCH (Unnamed Footage Festival)

UNNAMED FOOTAGE FESTIVAL is officially underway in San Francisco. It is an entire film festival dedicated to screening Found Footage horror (and adjacent) films until the 31st of March. You love some, you hate some, but at the end of the day, Found Footage, whether it be faux documentaries or

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