22 Apr 2018

INTERVIEW: Mistress Boobiyana and Count Funghoula of HORROR HOUSE (NSFW)

Where to begin… Well lets begin in Australia, where this upcoming horror show and it’s hosts hail from. The aforementioned show is called HORROR HOUSE, a horror anthology series in a similar fashion (and format) to shows like TALES FROM THE CRYPT and ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK?. Australia

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20 Apr 2018


GHOST STORIES is the latest addition to the ever popular anthology sub-genre. The format for this type of film is comprised of a few short films, sometimes with a common thread (0r not), segmented by a wraparound portion that acts as the intro, chapter dividers and the conclusion. Sometimes the

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11 Mar 2018


The popular radio dramas of days past have seen a resurgence in popularity in modern day podcast form. One such podcast is the sci-fi horror-drama THE WHITE VAULT. FEAR FOREVERĀ  spoke with this eerie and unsettling shows creator Kaitlin Statz prior to their live show in New York City on

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