21 Dec 2018


1999 was the year that THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and the found footage sub-genre gave way to an influx of independent filmmakers hoping to find the same success with their own found footage film. In the blink of an eye the market became flooded with low budget, grainy films that

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18 Sep 2018


As Halloween swiftly creeps in, horror fans will inevitably be dining on an endless buffet of welcome scares and gory treats. This applies to both foreign and domestic markets, and this year Italy is no exception. Director Alberto Bogo (EXTREME JUKEBOX) will soon be serving his second stab at the

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08 Jun 2017

Sadako vs Kayako

Sadako Vs Kayako interview First there was FREDDY VS JASON (2003), next there was ALIEN VS PREDATOR (2004) and now Japan has thrown their hat in the ring and taken two of their most successful franchises and pitted their villains against each other. In the left corner, wearing a long

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