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Film Review: Fck’n Nuts

I won’t forget the value of short-form horror cinema any time soon thanks to Sam Fox‘s bizzaro land horror-comedy, FCK’N NUTS. Some horror shorts aim to show us how terrifying they would be as feature films; others leave you with an ambiguous ending that makes your imagination go to dark places. But FCK’N NUTS reminds us that sometimes, short films are just there to let their freak flag fly.

Sandy’s new boyfriend has declared his love for her and wants to take their relationship to the next step. As much as Sandy wants to, she cannot commit. The reason? She doesn’t want him to meet her weird parents. But when he shows up unannounced, flowers in hand, all she can do is warn him.

FCK’N NUTS has its horror DNA on full display, bringing us neon TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE vibes. The mix of a pink prom dress and a creepy house also gives shades of the Ozploitation classic THE LOVED ONES– but extremely sillier. Any similarities to anything else decrease as Fox creates the hilariously unthinkable.

Maddie Nichols and Vincent Stalba bring the perfect amount of camp to their roles, and the practical effects are gloriously…gooey. With aesthetics that could land it in a synthpop video or on a Goosebumps book cover, a fun script and a willingness to do anything for the gag, FCK’N NUTS nails the horror-comedy and ticks all the boxes for a successful short.

Fck’n Nuts recently screened at Final Girls Berlin Film Festival.

.. aesthetics that could land it in a synthpop video or on a Goosebumps book cover

4.5 tombstones out of 5…
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Erin Grant

Erin Grant

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