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Short Film Review: DEATH METAL (Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival)

               *DEATH METAL will play before TERRIFIER at 9:30 p.m. on Thurs, September 28*

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Let me start by saying that I am a fan of death metal as a musical genre. In fact, I find it oddly soothing at times.  The “music” played by our musician lead in the park doesn’t seem to sooth anyone, including himself. He sucks, and he knows he sucks. He even got punched in the face for sucking so much. With his ego deflated, he goes home and complains to his dad about how much he sucks. His dad tells him that he has the perfect thing that will make him the greatest guitar player on earth. His father gives him a giant evil looking guitar and before his father can tell him the THREE CRITICAL rules of using the instrument without incident, our dipshit musician is back to busk in the park.

Up until this point in the film I was not happy. It felt really hokey to me and made by people who don’t know or appreciate death metal.  I am touchy about stuff like that. For example: Steel Panther. I fucking hate them. You know why? Because I love metal and don’t like it being mocked, especially in such a basic and lazy way. That was the same feeling this film was giving me. A black long halloween wig on a guy and throwing up devil horns every frame? Ugh.

But, there was some redemption after all. Once the musician happens to break all three rules of using the guitar in one fell swoop, the film takes a turn for the better. It was like watching a TROMA film and I love me a TROMA film!! It was funny, stupid and gross, just how I like it.

DEATH METAL kind of reminded me of a White Wizzard video and would actually be a pretty good fit for a band if they were looking for a video to accompany a track (people still make music videos right?!).

All in all, I think DEATH METAL is okay. I wish the beginning was stronger but they really won me over by the end.

“Started off shaky, but totally redeemed itself by the end”

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