21 Mar 2022

Film Review: X

For those left questioning why we exist after Netflix subjected us to the abomination that was the latest Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot, worry not. A film has been released to cure you of any disenchantment towards Texas-based slashers. X, Ti West‘s latest film is a refreshing and innovative tribute to

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09 Apr 2020


SAINT MAUD does for Christianity what hundreds of other horror films do for satanism, and it is infinitely more terrifying. As it turns out, the holy spirit is just as malevolent as a restless one. SAINT MAUD is director Rose Glass’s first full-length feature, and she helms it with unapologetic

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31 May 2018


I would like to start this review with what I call an “Initial Emotional Reaction” (IER). My IER of FIRST REFORMED, written and directed by Paul Schrader (RAGING BULL, DOG EAT DOG, TAXI DRIVER), was dread.  Dread mixed with a touch of hope, if that’s even possible. Dread for humanity

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