22 Jan 2019


FF: You are a renowned Bigfoot expert, which is so incredible. What started your interest in Bigfoot and how did you become a notable expert in this field? DB: THE WEEKLY WORLD NEWS (WWN) offered a million dollar reward for Big Foot one summer. The catch was that not a

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07 Sep 2018


The Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival, or PUFF as it’s affectionately called, has wasted no time making a name for itself in its brief three years in existence. PUFF is the brainchild of a few well-established genre journalists, and it’s clear that they love what they do. The small festival always

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14 Feb 2018

Australian Horror shorts- Final Girls Berlin Film Festival

The Final Girls Berlin Film Festival is creating a space for females in the horror genre; celebrating their contributions in a way that feels genuinely for women by women. February is ‘Women in Horror Month’ and I have to say I’m feeling the camaraderie this year. Because I am personally

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