The anthology: cinema’s answer to those of us with pitifully short attention spans. I love a good anthology, they are a great way to experience multiple directors visions in one feature. Unless they regularly attend film festivals, movie goers most likely miss out on short films, so anthologies are a great way to show them what they are missing out on.

BLOOD, SWEAT AND TERRORS is a collaboration between Unstable Ground, Indiecan Entertainment and Rue Morgue Magazine. Together, producers Justin McConnell and Avi Federgreen have released three thrilling anthologies. MINUTES PAST MIDNIGHT and GALAXY OF HORRORS make up the first two entries and BLOOD, SWEAT AND TERRORS, released last month, is the third in a series. Clearly McConnell and Federgreen are onto something special to succeed three times in a row. Selecting shorts from 2007 to 2017, they have created a film that will punch you in the face and stab you in the back at the same time.

This action-horror anthology brings to together the work of international talent with directors Adam Mason, Joe Horton, Adam Horton, Beau Fowler, Alexandre Carriére, Shelagh Rowan-Legg, Benjamin De Los Santos, Will Gilbey, Eric S. Boisvert and Daniel Bernhardt.

For a film called BLOOD, SWEAR AND TERRORS there was not much to be terrified by in it. With its non-stop karate sequences and spraying of bullets this film is definitely more for action film buffs. There is a high chance that readers of FEAR FOREVER love action flicks and if so BLOOD, SWEAT AND TERRORS is for you. I’m happily surprised at how much I liked this anthology seeing as I’m not so into action movies. Sometimes my eyes did glaze over a bit from the repetitiveness and it felt like I was watching a stunt actor’s show reel. As much as it kind of felt like watching an hour and a half fight scene and got kind of tedious at points, I can’t deny how well done all the entries in this film are.

There were three segments that really stood out for me. The first being FLOW (directed/written by Shelagh Rowan-Legg), about the trials of being a female guerrilla fighter out of tampons and having to deal with all those pesky soldiers. Next we have OLGA (directed/written by Eric S. Boisvert)a Russian tale of revenge, with a savage scene reminiscent of FUNNY GAMES. Finally we have EMPIRE OF DIRT (Adam Mason) which uses some great makeup and practical effects to give us a chilling tale of a hit man caught in an unbreakable deal with the supernatural.

In its entirety BLOOD, SWEAT AND TERRORS is a great addition to indie film thanks to the amazing talent evident in each segment. Every short in this anthology is polished to look at, well written and  are all examples of excellent film making. Humor is laced throughout the film which keeps it entertaining and not so serious.  The satire, slapstick and jokes pretty much all hit their marks and succeeded in getting a few laughs out of me.

The film also had knock out performances (literally). The fight choreography was impressive and so well executed. All the actors fit seamlessly into their roles. BLOOD, SWEAT AND TERRORS sure does make you appreciate stunt actors and all they do.

Though not all of the shorts in BLOOD, SWEAT AND TERRORS inspired me, they were all badass and high octane. If you love comedy, action and martial arts then this is the film for you.

BLOOD, SWEAT AND TERRORS is available on VOD, digital and DVD across North America and Canada.


“Every short in this anthology is polished to look at, well written and  are all examples of excellent film making.”

3 1/2 Tombstones out of 5…

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Erin Grant

Erin Grant

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