31 Jul 2019


Montreal’s FANTASIA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL is finally here, happening now! Underway since the 12th of July, the festival showcases just how much indie filmmakers have to offer the Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror film scene. Needless to say, I am one happy genre fan right now. With an absolutely HUGE catalog

Erin Grant 0
13 Oct 2018

FILM REVIEW: TiCK (Toronto After Dark Film Festival)

TiCK is the second short film by Toronto native Ashlea Wessel. It’s also her second short film (the first being INK) to play the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. I was a big fan of INK, but I found TiCK to be leaps and bounds ahead of it.   There

Amy 0
08 Jun 2017

The Recall – Review

    THE RECALL is a film that wears so many hats it could open its own haberdashery. While that might sound like a recipe for disaster, it works in this case. One part eco-horror, one part alien abduction, one part home invasion, one part CABIN IN THE WOODS, and