20 Apr 2024

Film Review: The Complex Forms (Fantaspoa 2024)

As FANTASPOA Film Festival 2024 continues, its screenings stay true to its name. Most recently, a suspenseful fantasy from Italy, written and directed by Fabio D’Orta. THE COMPLEX FORMS is indeed complex, or, more aptly, intriguing, fascinating, strange and intricate.  Honestly, I was captivated from beginning to end. When we

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30 Mar 2024

Review: DO NOT WATCH (Unnamed Footage Festival)

UNNAMED FOOTAGE FESTIVAL is officially underway in San Francisco. It is an entire film festival dedicated to screening Found Footage horror (and adjacent) films until the 31st of March. You love some, you hate some, but at the end of the day, Found Footage, whether it be faux documentaries or

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12 Dec 2023

Film Review: The Fifth Thoracic Vertebra

Did you know we each have 33 vertebrae? You do now, thanks to Park Sye-young’s first feature: fantasy-horror THE FIFTH THORACIC VERTEBRA. A meditative, indie creature feature with both painful body horror and poetic transformation. When an imperfect couple doesn’t communicate, their mattress gets left out in the rain. They

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19 Jan 2021


In the last few years of the decade, horror films started featuring a more raw, animalistic vampire. This trend may have appeared as a way to distance the classic horror monster from the teen romance epidemic of the mid to late 2000s. In doing so, perhaps we have forgotten how

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21 Oct 2020

Interview: Brandon Cronenberg

With a name like Cronenberg, the eyes of film fans would most assuredly be on you with keen anticipation. But (and not to be blasphemous) let’s forget about David for a minute. Despite constant questions about and comparisons to his father, Brandon Cronenberg continues to prove his talent as a

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28 Apr 2020


When South By South West was cancelled due to the current pandemic, there was collective heartbreak felt by many. But there is some good news for film fans: SXSW in collaboration with Mailchimp and Oscilloscope Laboratories has generously made their short film library available to the public! So there is

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19 Apr 2020


What’s in a name? That’s the first thing I asked myself when I received my screener copy for Epic Pictures BUTT BOY. An unusual name indeed. What would follow would be an even more unusual experience making an effort  to live up to that name. In the spirit of full

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09 Apr 2020


SAINT MAUD does for Christianity what hundreds of other horror films do for satanism, and it is infinitely more terrifying. As it turns out, the holy spirit is just as malevolent as a restless one. SAINT MAUD is director Rose Glass’s first full-length feature, and she helms it with unapologetic

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06 Apr 2020

Film Review: Monument

Every once in a while you come across a film that pretty much floors you. It may not be the best film you have ever seen, but it is so unique that it is immediately unforgettable. This is how I feel about Jagoda Szelc’s new film MONUMENT. A group of

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17 Nov 2019


Looking for a fresh start in a new community, a recently divorced mother and her two teenager kids receive some cryptic letters in the mail that assign each of them a neighbor to kill, before that same neighbor kills them. Considering the premise, it is tempting (and even fair) to

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