26 May 2020


I had the exquisite pleasure of attending (prior to the COVID-19 pandemic) the world premiere of OUIJA SHARK at Toronto’s oldest and most run down theatre, The Grand Gerrard. I had no prior information about this film other than it’s title and poster but that was more than enough to

Jordan Randall 0
24 Sep 2019


4×4 is the first FANTASTIC FEST film I have viewed and it sets the bar high. Extremely high.  The premise is simple but the film itself is SO MUCH MORE than it’s logline. Getting robbed is the worst, and thieves are the scum of the earth. If you have ever

Amy 0
05 Dec 2017

Film Review: HOSTILE (A Night Of Horror Film Festival)

HOSTILE (Directed by Cannes born Mathieu Turi) played in Sydney recently as a part of the A NIGHT OF HORROR FILM FESTIVAL.  Being able to attend even just a few days of the fest made me envious of those that get to experience all of the horror festivals that happen

Erin Grant 0