25 Dec 2019

Film Review: Automation

What better way to celebrate the holiday season than with a Christmas themed horror movie. Just in time is the film AUTOMATION, which technically still counts as a holiday horror even if it’s main focus is the dark side of technology. It’s no TREEVENGE (a personal favorite), but this office

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13 Oct 2019


With the unprecedented success of films such as MIDSOMMAR and HEREDITARY, it’s fair to say that cults have played a major role in some of horrors more recent greatest hits. On first glance, Tate Bunker’s new film THE FIELD could be misrepresented as jumping on that taboo bandwagon. In actuality,

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21 Aug 2019


Independent science fiction has consistently provided us with food for thought by scaling back and stripping down stories to put the focus on the future and the ramifications it will have on us as people. The desired effect is to appeal to our humanity.  However, trying to find that “perfect”

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25 Mar 2019


Having recently finished up its festival run, I’m rooting for GIORDANO GIULIVI’s (APOLLO 54) latest cerebral horror flick THE LAPLACE’S DEMON. Now available on iTunes, Prime Video and more On Demand platforms in the US and Canada, this little gem will hopefully make some waves and find its audience. And

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13 Mar 2019


STARFISH is a 2018 sci-fi/ cosmic horror film directed and written by A.T White. Premiering at last year’s Fantastic Fest, the film is going on to have a theatrical release in select US cinemas this month. STARFISH is an intimate spin on the post-apocalyptic subgenre. Greif stricken Aubrey stays in

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26 Oct 2018


Isolated in the arid high deserts of Northern Mexico, at the junction of Chihuahua, Coahuila and Durango, spanning about 50 kilometers across, lies the Zona Del Silencio or “Zone Of Silence”. Often considered Mexico’s answer to the Bermuda Triangle, it is a literal hot bed of bizarre phenomenon. The perplexing anomalies

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14 Jun 2018

Film Review: CHIMERA

Things never go right when humans play God.  Horror has taught us this ever since Dr. Frankenstein created his monster. This horror trope is explored in a new and interesting way in Maurice Haeems sci-fi horror CHIMERA. Featuring a refreshingly diverse cast, this film definitely stands out and is extremely

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09 Dec 2017

Film Review: REPLACE (A Night of Horror Film Festival)

This decade has seen a significant amount of films from the new wave of body horror sub-genre. More specifically, with female lead story-lines that provide a first hand perspective of the transformation experience.  As body horror targets our inner fears and anxieties about things going wrong with the vessels we

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21 Aug 2017


THE DARK TOWER was first and foremost an eight part book series by Stephen King. Now it is a 90 minute film that from all accounts does the books, its characters, and THE DARK TOWER universe itself no justice. With that being said, one could say it’s a misrepresentation to

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27 Jul 2017

Video Series: Fear Forever presents 66 Horror Flix – PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES

In keeping with the sci-fi and outer space theme we seem to have running here on Fear Forever lately, it seemed fitting to have this weeks episode of 66 Horror Flix continue the thread with Mario Bava‘s (BLOOD AND BLACK LACE, RABID DOGS) 1965 fashion-forward, outer-space freak out, PLANET OF

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