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Yesterday we gave you part 1 of our 2 part interview with filmmaker SKYE BORGMAN.Skye’s film ABDUCTED IN PLAIN SIGHT recently screened at the TORONTO TRUE CRIME FILM FESTIVAL. The film is so bonkers that it’s hard to believe it is a true crime story. When we were given the opportunity to interview Skye we jumped at the chance because after watching ABDUCTED IN PLAIN SIGHT we have questions. Many, many questions.


FF: I was talking to a colleague of mine about the film and I was telling her that the story is so strange it couldn’t possibly be made up! What has the reaction been to the complexities of the story?

 SB: (laughing) It’s funny because people come up to me and say “this needs to be made into a scripted story”.


FF: You wouldn’t believe it!

SB: Would ANYBODY believe it? People would see it and go “there’s no way that would happen”.


FF: I actually had to Google the case after the film ended, because I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.

SB: I know…I know…


FF: Once we see Jan as an adult, she actually seems pretty well adjusted considering what she’d been through. Do you think she is handling it well? As an audience member it seems that there are obviously some unresolved issues there, but all things considered she seems fairly normal. Was that your opinion?

SB: Yes! You know Jan is pretty incredible. I couldn’t imagine going through what she went through and coming out on the other side. She has done it in a really wonderful way, and a lot of that is because this family unit of theirs is incredibly strong. For the family to have gotten through it, to me, is also remarkable. I don’t have percentages or anything but this usually tears families apart. So many people that I’ve talked to where there was abuse within in the family, it tore the family apart because people end up taking sides. That didn’t happen to the Brobergs, and that’s a testament to them really. Jan is remarkable! She has gotten through this. She’s an incredibly strong yet vulnerable and loving woman. That’s what was kind of astounding to me. How much love she has for people, and it’s genuine…truly genuine. Yes, she carries baggage and she will for her entire life. It was one woman who was raped multiple times and abused sexually and mentally, but her whole family went through the abuse and continues to. These ripples that go, just never stop. You don’t just get over this. It has made Jan very committed to telling the story and helping people. She carries this with her, but she carries it in a very sort of positive way so she can hopefully inspire and help people deal.

FF: Ultimately, what would you like to accomplish with the film? Was it just a glimpse into this bizarre case, or would you like it to raise some social awareness to these issues?

SB: Really, the intention is to start the conversation. With the #MeToo movement and people feeling more confident in being able to talk about abuse, I think it’s really an amazing step forward. This stigma is still very present, but it’s starting to get chipped away a little bit. Victims and survivors don’t need to feel as guilty anymore. That’s what our goal is, to start the conversation and not feel shame about it…well feel the shame, but embrace the shame and keeping moving forward through it. It’s been five years making this film, there’s something huge behind that. We want to save lives….If this film could get into people’s homes and have someone watch it and sort of recognize that they might be in the same or a similar situation. If we could save one life with this film, we’ll have achieved something really great. What I’m hoping to do is to partner with some bigger organizations, child abuse organizations, and do screenings and do talk backs afterwards. It’s been incredible just at these film festivals. The best part really has been the Q&A afterwards. It brings up a lot of questions, or things that have happened to people, or wanting to share stories from their own lives. It’s just such an open public forum.


FF: When will this film be available to the general public?

SB: We’re still sort of inking distribution, but if all goes well the film will be available worldwide in January of 2019.

FF: What’s next for you?

SB: I wan to stick to true crime. This film has opened a lot of doors in terms of ideas and inspiration. I’m working on developing a true crime series now. I’m always interested in finding new ideas or crimes that are out there. It seems like there’s a lot of murder out there and that’s what I’m developing right now. I’d also be interested in finding some new ideas.


FF: At the end of the day, FEAR FOREVER is a horror film website and we tend to focus on the fear angle for a lot of things.  What would you as a filmmaker recommend to our horror base as something that has influenced you?

SB: At the end of the day…my film is a monster movie! (laughing)


FF: (laughing) I would agree!

SB: I think ALIENS has always been one of my all time favorites…I go back to JAWS… I love the monster movie, horror movies. My husband and I met on a small independent horror movie called THE CELLAR DOOR. A friend of ours wrote it, he directed it, I shot it. It was such a low budget, but it was so much fun! There’s something to love about horror movies because there are just no rules! You sit around and you’ve got a head rolling down the stairs, and then you get into this discussion about “the head didn’t look quite real, maybe it’s not heavy enough”. It’s always a lot of fun to run around and scream…you can put lights in any place you want to. Oh! And WOLF CREEK too, a great Australian horror movie. I think back to what influenced me as a kid, and I still remember being absolutely terrified with CHILDREN OF THE CORN. Still, if that comes on I just get giddy…because I remember being a little girl watching it and being so scared! I don’t know what it is about that feeling of wanting to be afraid, but it’s wonderful.


FF: It’s been great talking to you, is there anything else you’d like to add?

SB: Thank you for your wonderful review, it was incredible. If anyone wants more information, they can go to and sign-up for the mailing list. We don’t send a ton of emails but we’ll keep you posted on this project and whatever we’ve got coming up next.


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