06 Apr 2020

Film Review: Monument

Every once in a while you come across a film that pretty much floors you. It may not be the best film you have ever seen, but it is so unique that it is immediately unforgettable. This is how I feel about Jagoda Szelc’s new film MONUMENT. A group of

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02 Apr 2020


When you think of the word “werewolf” your mind surely goes to images of human transformation and monsters that howl at the full moon. But Adrian Panek’s WEREWOLF (WILKOLAK) features a far more terrifying monster…. You guessed it; it’s people. Set at the end of World War 2, WEREWOLF knows there can never

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19 Jan 2020

Podcast Review: Red Ice

The latest podcast from comedy troupe NEXT DAY THEATER is sure to interest horror and comedy fans alike. RED ICE is BACKCOUNTRY meets BLOOD GLACIER by way of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE: A hilarious B-movie creature feature in audio form. This easy to digest two-parter is a wild tale full of

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25 Dec 2019

Film Review: Automation

What better way to celebrate the holiday season than with a Christmas themed horror movie. Just in time is the film AUTOMATION, which technically still counts as a holiday horror even if it’s main focus is the dark side of technology. It’s no TREEVENGE (a personal favorite), but this office

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27 Oct 2019


The time has again come for FEAR FOREVER to bring you coverage of THE TORONTO AFTER DARK FILM FESTIVAL, one of our home-grown favorites. This year the festival brings us what I think is one of the most fun films of the year: THE ODD FAMILY: ZOMBIE ON SALE. Since

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22 Oct 2019

Film Review: A Night Of Horror: Nightmare Radio (Brooklyn Horror Film Fest)

Ah, Anthologies! The tapas of cinema. Although for this round of bite-sized terror, the menu features rotting eyeballs, amputated hands, and dead fish. A NIGHT OF HORROR: NIGHTMARE RADIO is a new anthology from brothers Luciano Onetti and Nicolas Onetti. The story centers around a late-night talk radio DJ and

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13 Oct 2019


With the unprecedented success of films such as MIDSOMMAR and HEREDITARY, it’s fair to say that cults have played a major role in some of horrors more recent greatest hits. On first glance, Tate Bunker’s new film THE FIELD could be misrepresented as jumping on that taboo bandwagon. In actuality,

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07 Oct 2019

Film Review: Rock, Paper and Scissors (Fantastic Fest)

Fantastic Fest 2019 wrapped up a few days ago but its still delivering the goods: another outstanding international thriller, this time from Argentina. Argentina brought us the truly frightening TERRIFIED (ATTERADOS) in 2018, this year it brings us ROCK, PAPER AND SCISSORS (PIEDRA, PAPEL Y TIJERA) which is scary for

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28 Sep 2019

Film Review: Ride Your Wave (Fantastic Fest)

Ah, FANTASTIC FEST! This film festival held in Austin, Texas is an utter joy for us horror hounds. The sheer amount of genre films that play at this festival means we are guaranteed as much blood, gore and mayhem as we can handle. But Sometimes even here at FEAR FOREVER,

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21 Aug 2019


Independent science fiction has consistently provided us with food for thought by scaling back and stripping down stories to put the focus on the future and the ramifications it will have on us as people. The desired effect is to appeal to our humanity.  However, trying to find that “perfect”

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